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SMT Full Process Training Program

by Young Bong Kang -

If the training program is carried out in a classroom then it will take a lot of time.
When you start learning, if you skip the basics then you can't learn the advanced technology in SMT.
Hence, watch the videos at least 2 to 3 times to clear the basics.

For example, if you don't know the solder paste specification then you can't set the correct reflow profile.
If you don't understand the sensor working then you can't understand the machine working.
All the videos are made as per Mr. Kang's experience. These are based on the actual SMT working process.

If you complete our training course properly
- First, your basics will be very strong
- You can understand the total SMT process
- Any machine trouble can be analyzed
- You can clear quality issues.
- You will be faster than other colleagues

Free Video

by Young Bong Kang -
Learn How SMT machines communicate with each other to make the total process inline.

Also learn the basic sensors used in SMT machines to carryout the machine working.

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